Committee is 4 officers and the team captains: The officers are: The Chairman, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Match Secretary.
2017/18 - Officers
Dave Seditas
Kirsty Pallacci
Terry Morris
Paddy Callaghan
Paddy Callaghan
Chairman - Dave Seditas
Treasurers - Kirsty Palacci & Terry Morris
Secretary - Paddy Callaghan
Match Secretary - Paddy Callaghan
Tel: 0798 432 4821
Tel: 0798 432 4821
2017/18 - Team Captains
Pamela Lewis
Dave Seditas
Hilary Wilson
Surrey Mixed - Pamela Lewis
Surrey Mens - Dave Seditas
Surrey Ladies - Hilary Wilson
Linda Kerbey
Atif Darr
Terry Morris
Sutton Mixed - Linda Kerbey
Sutton Mens - Atif Darr
Sutton Hybrid - Alison Fisher

Previous Years Committee Members